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For the environmentally conscious, Printsome On Demand offers not only garments made of organic materials but also sustainable printing techniques. FAST dropshipping turnarounds.

Print on Demand Organic

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For the environmentally conscious, Printsome On Demand offers not only garments made of organic materials but also sustainable printing techniques. FAST dropshipping turnarounds.

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Printsome's Print on Demand Services

Our Print on Demand Organic Services

In today's world, it is important that we each make an effort (no matter how small) to leave a better place to live in for future generations. That's why here at Printsome, we not only work with sustainable printing techniques but also organic materials. In our catalogue, you'll find products from brands like Continental Clothing Co. which offers T-shirts and other garments made of organic cotton. Not only that, but they're also Fairtrade certified, meaning their employees get treated fairly. When it comes to printing, we work with state of the art machines that not only use water-based inks but are also designed to manage energy efficiently. If you want to find out more about how you can make your online shop more green, please let us know. One of our printing experts will be more than happy to help you. Sign Up Now - It’s Free!

Print on demand business

Fast organic T-shirt fulfilment

Printsome On Demand allows you to run a T-shirt printing business without investing in printing machines and storage rooms for unsold garments. The way it works is very simple, all you have to do is open an account on our website (it's free) and then follow the instructions we will send you on how to install the app. Don't worry, it is easy to do and we'll explain everything step by step. Once that's done, you'll only have to upload the design and that's it! You'll be ready to start selling. From now on, with every purchase made, we will be notified and start production (printing and shipping) immediately. We have the capacity of not only printing hundreds of garments every day but also ship them. If they come in early enough, that is. The earlier in the day we receive the order, then the more likely it is that it will be shipped that same day. With these processes in place, we are your ideal partners to scale your business. Sign Up Now - It’s Free!

How Print-on-demand works for Dropshipping

Connect to Printsome on Demand

Connect your Shop to Printsome on Demand

And specify which of your products you want to be printed by us

Ordering process

Orders AutoFulfilled

You sell online, we automatically receive the orders and fulfill them

High quality printing

On Demand High Quality Prints

Your designs get printed in premium garments with high quality DTG prints

Dropshipping to UK and EU

Superfast Drop Shipping

To the UK, Europe and rest of the world via tracked private courier

Take a closer look at the Printsome team

From marketing to sales, design and finally production. We make sure that every part of the machine is well oiled so everything gets done in time and with the best possible quality to make your clients happy.

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Benefits of Dropshipping with Printsome

WOW Experience

Easy to use, high-quality printing and the best customer service in the industry.

Super Fast

On demand printing of your designs and worldwide drop shipping from 3-5 days turnaround*

Full Control

Access orders statuses, manage cases and more within a super easy to use interface!

Product Excellence

Our catalogue is a selection of best quality garments for On Demand digital printing (DTG)

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Best Products for Print on Demand + Dropshipping

We handpick our garments to provide you the highest print quality & stock availability so there are no hiccups with your orders


From £9.92 Inc VAT

Gildan Hammer Heavyweight T-Shirt

by Gildan

From £11.18 Inc VAT

American Apparel Unisex Fine Jersey T-Shirt

by American Apparel

From £11.70 Inc VAT

Earth Positive Womens Classic Jersey T-Shirt

by Continental

From £8.52 Inc VAT

Gildan Softstyle® Adult V-Neck T-Shirt

by Gildan

Want to know more?

Someone may have already asked what you want to know. Check out our frequently asked questions:

What do you mean by organic printing?

When we talk of organic T-shirt fulfillment, we're not just talking about the material the garments are made of but also the technical process used to print. Let's start with the garments. Here at Printsome, we work with brands that offer clothes made of 100% organic cotton. When we label a textile as 'organic' this means that the product meets a series of standards for high quality print on demand. Them mainly being: No genetically modified organisms (GMOs), no synthetic pesticides and/or insecticides, irrigation from weather, factories are powered by renewable energy, organic waste is reused (usually as fertiliser), water is treated after dying. On the other hand, organic printing - which should actually be called sustainable printing - are the printing techniques we use that have been optimised to create less impact on the environment. For example, we use DTG machines which use water-based inks and are optimised to use energy efficiently.

How do we assure the ethical manufacturing?

Here at Printsome, we're proud to offer Continental Clothing Co. products. This is a brand that not only offer garments made of 100% organic materials but also are ethically made. What is the difference? Well, basically sustainable made it makes less of an impact on the environment while ethical means their employees are treated fairly. Continental Clothing Co. is a fairtrade certified company. This means it has been proved that their employees are being treated fairly, this includes no child labour, no forced labour, no sketchy contracts, no unpaid extra hours, no hazardous work environments, no discrimination and of course a living wage. Start your T-shirt dropshipping business with us now! We print in the UK and offer dropshipping in Germany or anywhere in Europe.

What are the benefits of printing T-shirts in a sustainable way?

Aside from reducing the waste we produce, sustainable printing has got other benefits. For example, it is a great marketing tool. By announcing that your business offers sustainable garments, you will gain the respect and admiration of the market that respects such endeavours. Nowadays, brands can't afford to be indifferent about social issues. The environment is one of those. Consumers expect brands to take a stand and make a clear statement on what their opinions are on the issue. By making a clear conscious effort to be more green, you won't only earn the loyalty of potential customers but also the respect of your peers. Start growing your Shopify T-shirt fulfillment business now!

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