Clothing Dropshippers in the UK

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Scale your business by selling printed T-shirts, hoodies, vest tops, tote bags with automatic fulfilment.

Clothing Dropshippers in the UK

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Scale your business by selling printed T-shirts, hoodies, vest tops, tote bags with automatic fulfilment.

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Your UK Based Clothing Dropshippers and Printers are Here

Printsome's Print on Demand Services

We take some of the load off your shoulders

Connect your online store now and start selling a wide range of garments in less than a day. As a customer of Printsome On Demand, you'll have years of printing experience at your disposal. We use digital printing (DTG) and the best couriers to send your creations on time. From our facilities in London, we ship to the rest of the country. Turnaround times in the UK take anywhere between 3 to 5 days. Get in touch to start your free account now! Sign Up Now - It’s Free!

Print on demand business

Dropshipping is Real Time Fulfilment

Our systems are designed to connect seamlessly to your store. The way it works is that every time someone buys one of your products, it will send a signal straight to our facilities and, once received, will start production immediately. We ship hundreds of products at the same time and many of those are printed on the same day they're ordered. As a British company, we are experienced with UK's and Europe's market - but we also ship to the rest of the world. Packages to the UK take anywhere between 3 to 5 days to arrive, shipping in Europe takes between 6 and 9 days, and to the rest of the world, you'd be looking at an 8 to 14 days turnaround time. Sign Up Now - It’s Free!

How Print-on-demand works for Dropshipping

Connect to Printsome on Demand

Connect your Shop to Printsome on Demand

And specify which of your products you want to be printed by us

Ordering process

Orders AutoFulfilled

You sell online, we automatically receive the orders and fulfill them

High quality printing

On Demand High Quality Prints

Your designs get printed in premium garments with high quality DTG prints

Dropshipping to UK and EU

Superfast Drop Shipping

To the UK, Europe and rest of the world via tracked private courier

The highest standards when it comes to digital printing

Digital printing (also known as DTG or direct to garment printing) is a printing technique which consists of injecting ink straight into the fabric. The result is a highly faithful recreation of the original design. When it comes to vibrant colours and recreations of intricate details, DTG is second to none. On top of that, it’s got no setup costs which means no minimum orders!

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Benefits of Dropshipping with Printsome

WOW Experience

Easy to use, high-quality printing and the best customer service in the industry.

Super Fast

On demand printing of your designs and worldwide drop shipping from 3-5 days turnaround*

Full Control

Access orders statuses, manage cases and more within a super easy to use interface!

Product Excellence

Our catalogue is a selection of best quality garments for On Demand digital printing (DTG)

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Best Products for Print on Demand + Dropshipping

We handpick our garments to provide you the highest print quality & stock availability so there are no hiccups with your orders


From £9.92 Inc VAT

Gildan Hammer Heavyweight T-Shirt

by Gildan

From £11.18 Inc VAT

American Apparel Unisex Fine Jersey T-Shirt

by American Apparel

From £11.70 Inc VAT

Earth Positive Womens Classic Jersey T-Shirt

by Continental

From £8.52 Inc VAT

Gildan Softstyle® Adult V-Neck T-Shirt

by Gildan

Want to know more?

Someone may have already asked what you want to know. Check out our frequently asked questions:

Why Start a Dropshipping Business in the UK?

Very few advancements have revolutionised e-commerce the way on demand T-shirt printing and fulfillment in the UK has. Not too long ago, in order to sell online, you needed a warehouse where you would keep your stock so you could later ship them to your customers. If there were too many orders, you would have to hire employees to help you with the load and if there were no sales, then you would get stuck with a bunch of unsold goodies that would only take space. Dropshipping takes care of these issues by taking away the production from the merchant and handing it to the supplier. Now the business owner only has to take care of the marketing and designs of their business while the supplier produces and ships the final product. Aside from less work, dropshipping also makes it possible to start an online store in little time and with a small investment. Thanks to platforms like Shopify, creating a functional store to print on demand T-shirts in the UK has never been easier. And now, thanks to Printsome On Demand, you can run your very own online T-shirt store from anywhere in the world.

Is it better, in the UK, to dropship or do wholesale?

The answer, it's not a simple one and will ultimately depend on the final purpose of the printed garments. We recommend working with wholesale if the goal is to sell the T-shirts in a physical space or to use as a marketing tool during a trade show. Instead, if your plan is to sell clothes on your online store then we would strongly suggest getting into print on demand with Shopify or other platform. This is particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs in the UK and Europe because there's a lot less competition here than in the US. When working in bulk, the overall price per unit is much lower but there's always the risk that not all of the pieces are going to be sold. Such large quantities require a large storage room and they're usually limited to screen printing. While the finished product of screen printing looks great, it's much more limiting when it comes to recreating bold colours and small details in the design. Meanwhile, to print on demand merchandise in the UK, digital printing can recreate almost any artwork.

What are the best products for clothing dropshipping?

This is a difficult question to answer since the 'best' product will vary from brand to brand and client by client. Usually, when trying to print on demand clothing in the UK, we will evaluate the situation on a case by case basis. For new stores, we will always recommend the trusty T-shirt since it is a garment that's easy to sell and can adapt to most markets. Second, hoodies and sweatshirts can work very well. These are comfy and are as versatile as T-shirts. You also don't need to order many sizes because these fit many different shapes and bodies. If the client would like an accessory, the tote bag is a good option since these are easy to print and can be worn by men, women and children. All of the items in our catalogue have been hand-picked by our team of experts to ensure compatibility with digital printing.

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