How to Connect Your Shopify Store

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We have created this toturial to help you setup your account with us. By following the instructions below, you will be able to connect your Shopify store to our on demand drop shipping processes and allow us to receive all the information for the orders your clients place on your online shop. If you need further assistance, please simply get in touch with us on [email protected].

Step 1: Add Printsome as an App

  • On your Shopify panel, go to “Apps” in the side menu
  • At the bottom click on “Manage private apps”
  • Click "Create new Private APP"
  • Use the private app name as “Printsomeondemand”
  • Give the "Read access" vs "Read and write" as per this image.
  • On "Storefront API", make sure you have it checked ("Allow this app to access your storefront data using the Storefront API")
  • Click save and store is connected

Step 2: Connect your store

  • On your Printsome panel, go to the "Stores" tab
  • Click "New"
  • "Store Name" is whatever you want to name your store inside our system
  • "Website" is your live Shopify store domain
  • "Store Login" equal to your API key given on the step above.
    Note: It's important that you use the value given on the "Admin API" - see image
  • "Store Password" is your API password as per the step above

Once you finish connecting your Shopify store to our API, you'll need to create the products you will sell and upload information about them, such as the printable files. You will later push these products to your store front.

Step 3: Create your Products

  • On your Printsome panel, click on the "My Products" tab
  • Click "New Product"
  • Set your Product Name (this is the name the product will have in your Shopify listing)
  • Select a "Garment type" and the sizes and colours you want available
  • Select a "Print position"
  • In "Design", upload the printable PNG file for your design- see how to prep the artwork here
  • Upload a preview or mockup of your finished design (optional)
  • Click on Status "Active"
  • Click on "Save & Add product"

Now that you have created an on demand product, you need to push the entry to your store front by doing the following:

Step 4: Push product to Shopify

  • Click on the "Product" name
  • Go to the "Related" tab
  • Go to "Store" section
  • Click on "New"
  • Find your store on the dropdown list
  • Check "Published" on the top left
  • Save to finalise

All done! Now go sell your t-shirts on demand! :)

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